The Pop Up Restaurant Experience

Pop Up Restaurants like those in Los Angeles are popping up all over the world.

The Pop Up Restaurant Experience

Food. You got to love it!

It’s a platform that allows Chefs from all over to create some of the best dishes out of nothing. An opportunity to give the adventure seeker to try the next new dish. The ability to tell a story through every bite you take.

What’s so crazy about our world today is how quickly things are changing.

The most fascinating thing about the food industry and just food in general is the evolution it partakes in. Everything from full fine dining restaurants, food trucks, personal chef dinners and now the occasional pop up restaurant. Also seeing how chefs from around the world use just one specific ingredient so many different ways.

Pop Up Restaurants are being more popular not only in America, but all over the world. There is something very unique about the concept of the pop up restaurant. It sets of an alarm to those around to try it that it is only here for a limited time. It’s like the limited edition item you have been wanting and only 5 are available on a specific date.

People want what is rare, they want what others can’t have. The exclusivity of something being there and then disappearing is a fascinating concept, almost like magic.

With pop up restaurants growing and being more in demand you almost want to know how do you even find out about these places. No, it’s no secret society or club you have to be in, but educating oneself and doing research and the occasional word of mouth.

Just a few famous Pop Up Restaurants known right now are:

TD’s Pop Up (Portland, OR)
Eat With (Various Locations Worldwide)
Pop Up Picnic (Canada)
Ceviche Project (West Hollywood, CA)
Street Feast (London, England)

These are just a few. Each with a unique concept and idea. What makes a pop up restaurant so unique is the experience that every person has from walking in all the way to the end. Unlike most restaurant and bars who have their regular clientele, these pop up shops you are guaranteed to have a different crowd all the time.

Going out to eat isn’t just about ordering your food eating and leaving. It is now all about the experience. No matter what you are Chef, Foodie, or just regular Joe we want to experience of a life time. That when we take a bite into the first dish, it will make our taste buds dance and take us into different world.

What I find so amazing about these pop up restaurants is the pride being put into every dish. You get to not only try the amazing food, but meet the Chef first hand and get the chance to talk to them. Ultimately what is the next big thing for the food industry? I don’t have the answer for that, but until then with the rapid growth of pop up restaurants anything is possible.

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